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Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - 1 month ago

'Sup followers.

I was hoping to be able to release a new CG collection every week, but it looks like I'm probably not going to make it this time. So instead, here's a preview of some of the things I've got half done.

Let's start with something out of the ordinary, this fine fellow:


I've actually been thinking about making my own line of fake pokemon, because come on, who hasn't? and it occurred to me recently that I actually have all the skills I need to totally do that. The more realistic use would be for RPG monsters though, so I started with this guy, an Eyebat. He has a quick and lazy construction and I'm a little worried that it might have been a little too lazy for a starting point. But he's definitely going to get to fuck some girls in a CG collection at some point.


I made the beginnings of this scene a while ago, and recently I've been thinking about coming back to it. I've been wanting to try something a little more interesting with the CG collections, so I was thinking of writing a little story to go along with this one. Nothing fancy, I think basically this new girl has started working in your section of the space ship and you go to talk to her. I don't know if it'll actually be a second person story or if I'll make some sort of alien lover boy (or girl) that meets her. I was thinking that Eyebat might be her boyfriend, but I'm not sure if he's alien looking enough, so I might save him for something more blatantly fantasy.


Working on outfits for the medieval brawler, or to sell on CGT. I have a bunch of good ones, but I don't feel like I have a very complete collection, so there are a few holes I want to fill before shipping it. Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of making models that no one buys, so I've been prioritizing the CG collections instead.


I've got a Thief outfit almost completely done to go along with my Knight and Wizard. I've had this for a while and I've been procrastinating because I hate uploading items. Making the display materials is a major pain in the ass. So as soon as I get over it and just do it, Thieves are pretty close to being ready.


Also making an axe moveset for that medieval brawler game I showed you. I decided to use Slime instead of Gryphon for these animations to change things up, but I don't want to mess with tentacles yet, so I gave her normal hands.


I've actually got several CG collections halfway started. Besides the alien, this bath-house scene is coming along well. It's really hard to line up body parts, but hopefully that will be more fun to watch, and it's good practice for me.


I've also met a programmer who wants to try making a sports eroge dating sim, which may or may not involve a snobby exhibitionist cheerleader raptor girl. This project is but a gleam in our eyes at this point, but I'm excited about the possibility.

In other news, I'm transitioning into a new dayjob that will have a higher base pay and less overtime, so hopefully will give me more energy and time to work on naughty anthro art. But I'm trying to go full-on senioritis at my current as I serve out my two weeks notice, and I'm sure learning the new job will be difficult until I get used to it, so I don't expect to be swimming in sunshine anytime soon.

If you'd like to help me out during this time, you can always buy some goddamned artwork from GumRoad or 3D models from CGTrader or the Acheron Series website. Likes, comments and views on CGT are also helpful.


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Lotta stuff to look forward to! Yer work is always exciting to see!

Just discovered your art recently and have started to buy your models. Id love to use them in a game im working on and I'm very excited to see more. And possibly commisions you for some custom races if you ever have the spare time! ❤