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Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - 2 weeks ago






Tada! 5 new races for your 3D project pleasure. We are getting into some of the weirder ones, so allow me to explain. Amphisbaena were 2-headed snakes, one on each end, that became more dragonic in the middle ages. Outsiders are classic space aliens, but I tried to frame it in a way that you could use them in fantasy settings if you want, like D&D's githyanki or WoW's Dranei. Isonades are yokai sharks covered in hooks and barbs that drag people into the ocean. Enfields are Irish fox-gryphons/fox-chimeras, really super obscure, but people seem to like foxes, so why not. And Acheron Slimes are meant to be a middle-of-the-road version that could work as fantasy rpg slimes or sci-fi horror blob monster.

!!!Nudity Warning!!!




https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/sci-fi/acheron-outsider-clean (except this one)



CGTrader seems to have changed the way it presents models, so now the nude versions are really difficult to find on the site. If you like what you see and want to check out the full line of Acheron Series Nude Characters, use this link: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models?author=AcetheSuperVillain&adult_content=1 You need to log in to view nudity, but you can do so with your Google or FaceBook account. It's a little extra work to make the clean versions, I want to do it, but I feel pretty modeled out, so it will take some time. If you want a specific clean version, message me on NG or CGT and I can get it done for you.

Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - 1 month ago




I recently discovered this new shader technique of using Normal mapped textures. Above are some examples. It's very easy to set up, but there are also limitations to it. If there are any Blender fans following along, I'd be interested to swap notes and try to improve on this technique.


Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - 1 month ago

Introducing a new member to the Acheron Series, the Isonade:


Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither.

I wanted to add some kind of shark people to my Acheron collection, but they are supposed to be mythical creatures and I couldn't think of any mythical shark monsters. There are Lusca, but they are half octopus, not quite what I wanted. I could maybe get away with Megalodons, but it's a little low energy compared to dragons and jackalopes and such.

So I looked up mythical shark creatures. I was surprised by how few there are out there, but eventually I ran into the Isonade, a yokai shark with hooks all over its body that it uses to snag fishermen and drag them into the water to drown and eat them. \m/ Metal! \m/

I was worried that covering them with hooks would make them less attractive, but holy shit, the opposite happened. These sharks are hot. It works, but I'm not sure why it works, maybe it's kinda like goth/punk spiky jewelry.

Should I be concerned that I'm super attracted to a demon shark that drowns and eats people? Should I even be surprised by this anymore? Hope you like them.

I should be able to put Isonades up for sale later this week. But I do have Sea Serpents up for sale right now:



which is actually what made me want to make shark people. I have some promotional artwork done too, but I want to wait until I've got the Clean version up for sale as well. I might wait until the weekend too, I've noticed that midweek uploads don't get as much love. For now, you can check them out in the default previews. Likes and views are always helpful. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/fantasy/acheron-sea-serpent-nude




Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - June 12th, 2019

I noticed that my Nekomata model gets a lot of views, but no sales so far. The face has always bothered me anyways, so I decided to give it an upgrade.






Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - May 29th, 2019


Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - May 28th, 2019



Buy it here: https://gumroad.com/l/zRku

Hello followers, I want to let you know that I've just finished my first 3D hentai comic for sale. Sometime soon, I'm going to be uploading preview images and making a bigger front page announcement, but I've got a major cold and I don't want to rush it right now. But if you feel like you trust me before seeing the previews, you can buy it now. $4, plus you can donate more if you want.

If you followed my Patreon stuff, you'll remember I posted some of these comic pages as a WIP. This is the same comic, it's finished now. If this new website seems like a decent way to make money, I'll try reviving some of the other comics I started on Patreon, like Curious Island, the Boob Growth Potion thing or even that Cascade goes to the Doctor thing. The reason I gave up on all of them is because I wasn't making any money. If I can fix that, I would actually like to make more comics and pin-up sets.

Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - May 22nd, 2019




The old Unicorn model was kind of a dud, so I'm hoping this one is cooler.

As of this week, I've finally sold my first Clean model, so hurray! Not everyone is a pervert!


Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - May 6th, 2019




I'm introducing a new class of products, constructor kits, which will have various body parts that you can mix and match to create a truly unique fantasy character or populate your world with a variety of variations. The first constructor kit will be the Kitsune, which is hands down the most popular model I've uploaded so far.

You know, I understand why people like the Kitsune model, I like it too, but I don't understand why people OVERWHELMINGLY like it. I have over 20 Acheron Series races so far, but one third of Acheron sales so far have been the Kitsune.

Anyways, future constructor kits will include Orcs for sure and possibly Dragons and Horsies (unicorns, pegasus, etc). If you have any ideas or requests, feel free to share them.



Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - May 4th, 2019



I've uploaded updated versions of my Orc and Drake models, since I adore these two, but no one has bought them yet. The drake's update is minor, slit pupils instead of round and claw hands instead of the default hands. The orcs get their shoulder spikes back, a new color slot for their tail tuft an amazing new penis and new palette choices which are more pig colored and less green.

Check out the product pages for more pictures and info, including lots of nudity:




Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - April 22nd, 2019


I had started prototyping this game a while ago. I posted the image Lazer Fight Bike Race, but the artwork bombed at first and I took it as a sign to try something else. However, since then, the views have gotten better, the voter score is improved, and I've uploaded it to FA where they seem to like it, so I'm giving it another shot.

Right now I'm thinking story heavy twin stick scrolling shooter, probably with separate story and arcade modes. But I've changed my mind about a couple things already, so I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not wild about the name "Lazer Biker" but I need to call it something for now.