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RPG Maker Again?

Posted by AcetheSuperVillain - September 20th, 2019

I've started working on graphics for an RPG Maker game:

Map size:


Battle Size


So here's the thing, a lot of my projects so far haven't been going well. The porn on GumRoad isn't selling at all. I've been trying to get it on Affect3D, they seemed interested at first, but now they're just ignoring me. Sales of models were never that great, and they've gone down since CGTrader decided to hide its adult content. I want to try doing something new. I need to try something new.

I've been tinkering with game engines in Godot, and while it's going better than Unity did, I need to admit to myself that I just don't like programming. I end up constantly procrastinating when I try to do programming and I just can't keep that up if my goal is profit. So I'm looking back at RPG Maker MV. For a long time, I dropped it because it's not 3D, but now, I need to admit that there are a lot of good qualities to it, and I'm ready to try it again.

I'm sure my fans' first question is, will there be porn? One of the big selling points is the RPG Maker community, hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback and exposure on the RPG Maker forums, but the official Kadokawa forum does not allow R18 material. I'm aware that there are a lot of pornographic RPG Maker games out there, many are even on Steam, but for now, I'm pretty sick of having to hide what I'm doing from people because of sexual content, and I need to try and go after every opportunity to get noticed and that means staying away from porn, at least for now. I still want to make it sexy and maybe ecchi, because that's how I roll. If the RPG Maker route seems profitable, I might try a pornographic RPG Maker game in the future, or pornographic side stories or bonus comics or something like that.

So what will this game be like? I haven't decided. I want to make something simple, since I feel like I have been away from RPG Maker for a long time. I recently replayed my old try at RPG Maker, Grind Storm, which you can download and try from here. I really liked what I came up with, so I think I'll try something a lot like that again. One thing for now is that the easy way to render 3D models into 2D sprites is to use a fixed weapon, so I'm thinking of coming up with a system that adds add-ons to your weapon instead of upgrading and replacing it like a normal RPG. Probably using Yanfly's Augment plug-in. If you get far enough in Grind Storm, you'll meet the Ironwood Sage, who uses a primitive scripting to turn the ironwood in your inventory into currency. Yanfly has a cooler version of this system called More Currencies that I can I can use to make a more in-depth item synthesis system. Yanfly also has a straight up synthesis system, but I wasn't especially impressed with it. Also, Yanfly has discontinued the CTB and ATB battle mode plugins, so I'm going to try Victor Engine's version of them. Probably the CTB one.